A downloadable game for Windows

Face hunger and cold while trying to survive in the winter forest.

With axe as your only weapon use all the wood you find to make fire and rise your temperature.

You must hunt animals in order to eat something.

Sell wood and food to get money which you can use to buy better axe, clothes or dog.

Dog will be your only friend and you will have to fight to protect him.

Danger is all around you.

How long can you survive?

If you haven't played the game, play the tutorial first.

Install instructions

Extract the files from the archive, no need to install.


Lumberjack.zip 1 MB


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  1. Be great if there was a list of controls.
    1. Arrow keys for walk,
    1. X for attack. As far as I've figured out.
  2. If you die, you have to close and restart the game to get you character back.
Hope updates have improvements.
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Read the README file before playing.

The controls are in the file.

Use "R" to restart game if you die.

99% of games have an in-game tutorial/option for that.

Thanks for the heads up though.